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We believe Tantra should be part of your everyday life, a way of living. The openness of your mind and your heart.

We are all afraid to get hurt on the journey.. Is it worth opening doors when you are not certain what you find there? Yes, it is. Your journey will be full of surprises perhaps, sadness, fear, doubt, but also full of love, dedication, peace, happiness and joy.
At the end of the journey it is you standing there with arms wide open, to embrace the pure you. In Tantra everything is OK and you are accepted just as you are.

We Shakti Tantric massage London specializing in Tantric massage, which can be described as a sensual erotic massage enriched with ancient knowledge and techniques of Tantra. (Tantric massage is at times known as naturist massage or nude massage.) As these names imply, your masseuse will be doing the massage nude and you will be completely naked too.

Tantric massage allows you experience the ultimate sensual indulgence: you can’t take your eyes off the glorious naked body of your Tantric Goddess, your body melts away as you feel the gentle touch of her soft hands, and soothing sounds of exotic melody played at the background caress your ears, carrying your mind far into the land of pure bliss… Your Goddess will grant you the bliss of body-to-body massage, sliding her perfect body along yours, sending you right to heavens…

Tantric erotic massage is a perfect tool for profound exploration of sexuality (your own and that of the opposite sex), for deepened understanding of your bodily needs and desires and of course for the discovery of the new facets of sensual delights!
For the completion of erotic ecstasy, at the end of your sensual massage London session you will receive yoni massage or lingam massage (the massage of female or male sex organs, respectively), which will culminate in orgasm, nonetheless no oral or penetrative sex will be taking place.

Shakti Tantric massage London also provides Foot Fetish and Dominatrix and Tie and Tease services, where our irresistible Goddesses reveal their assertive side and take full control over you…Your business day comes to an end… you had important meetings and tough phone calls, strategic decisions to make and heaps of papers to sign… You’ve done a lot, and tomorrow you will do a lot more. But what about now? Isn’t it time to relax and enjoy yourself?

Shakti Tantric massages is not an escort agency, and does not offer sexual services. The goal of Tantric massage is to provide healing and relaxation through proper use of sexual energy. To avoid any confusion, please take a moment to go through our Terms and Conditions and FAQs.

What Shakti Tantric Massage London is not:

It is not a sexual service.

It is not sexual intercourse.

It is not about touching the therapist.

Shakti tantric massage londonc and Sensual Massage Service we specializing in Body Art of Tough with Nude Tantric Massage , Sensual Massage, Naturist Massage , Specialising in Sensual Kundalini Massage … Tantalising Lingam Massage … Tantric Bliss Yoni Massage, Tantric massage … Nuru massage … Hawain Lomi-Lomi., Californian Sensual Massage…Body to Body Massage INCALL , OUTCALL visiting Massage Service London.

Tantra massage includes an intensive and strengthening Yoni- oder Lingam Massage, combined with Prostate and Pelvic Floor Massage.

At our massage clinic, we have immeasurable knowledge in the study and practice of ancient arts that include Taoist sexology from China, Tantra and Ayurveda from India, Shaman Indian traditions from North America and Shaman spiritual traditions from mother land Kamchatka ( north of Japan and south of Alaska) and sacred woman’s sexuality from ancient Babylon.

At Sensual Massage in London we have combined these secrets and practices with the most recent research on sexuality from universities and therapists throughout Russia, Netherlands, America, India, South America and the UK and read and studied extensively with teachers in this field.

Our girl’s experiences include working at top spa massage centres around Europe and luxurious cruise ships. Since joining Sensual Massage in London in 2007 their natural healing talents have been encouraged with continuous training in sensual massage and tantric.

Sensual Massage in London has continued their training into sensual massage and Tantric art and to include therapeutic skills in sacred massage and Tantric healing art

Their knowledge as masseuses with the inclusion of therapeutic skills will help not only allow you to experience the erotic delights of Tantric massage but will also help restore energies, remove blockages, stress and tiredness.