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We can now offer a unique and exclusive service. We will create an advanced Tantric experience which is customized especially for you. In your own home or Hotel you can find the full power of specially extended Tantra. Insight into achieving intense pleasure will be devoted exclusively to you. Or to both you and your partner. There will be time for in-depth exploring of special issues if that is what is needed and time to experiment as well.

When our Goddesses comes to you, she is the gateway to all the Tantric gifts. These include the awakening of the senses through Tantric delight massage and Tantric rituals. Meditation is linked with chakra and breathing exercises. Therapeutic and energy body work promote sexual healing. Ejaculation control is enhanced. Mutually guided Tantra massage brings a close rapport.

For couples, this is the path to deepening the connection and expanding the pleasure in the relationship. It is practical guidance to sensual worship of the yoni and the lingam.

This could be the most life-enhancing experience you will ever find. Seize the opportunity.

Tantric Rituals

1.5 hour Couple Session with one therapists: £ 400

Your session takes place in an intimate space, we work in the same room. By starting the massage session, first of all we reconnect with our life force and make a connection between each of us.

Intense Tantric Breathing is practiced, which we combine with Tantric Hug and Tantric Bonding. Afterward each of you receives a full body Tantric Massage individually from the therapists.

By closing the session we all reunite for a short meditation and a review about your personal massage experience.

2 hour Couple Session with one therapists: £500

The session takes place in an intimate environment. We all work together during the whole time.

By starting the session we practice Tantric Breathing Exercises to awaken your energy and a few Tantric Rituals are used to make a connection between the two of you and among us. Each of you receives a full body Tantric Massage, including the genital area, the yoni and the lingam.

At the end of our session we dedicate at least half an hour to special and intimate Tantric Rituals, like Worship, Tantric Play, Yoni/Lingam Gazing or Tantric Sit. Depending on your need you also have the opportunity to try Tantric Touch on each other, like activating the sexual meridians or discovering sensual spots on each other’s body.

1.5 hour Couples Session with two therapist: £700

After having practiced Tantric Breathing and exercised the PC muscles, you are guided through a full body Tantric Massage Exchange with your partner. We combine the massage with elements of Tantric Rituals.

After both partners have had the massage experience we come together for a short meditation and close the session with the Namaste Ritual.

2 hour Couple Session with two therapist: £ 800

The massage session starts with Breathing Exercises and a few Tantric Rituals to increase your sexual energy and to make a connection between the two of you and among us.

We go through a guided massage exchange, which includes the whole body, also the honouring of the lingam/yoni. You work together with the therapist on your partner by following a few massage strokes and techniques.

After Shakti (the female partner) has received her massage, it is time for Shiva (the male partner) to enjoy a full body tantric massage.

We close the session with practicing Tantric Rituals, like Worship, Tantric Play, Yoni/Lingam Gazing or Tantric Sit.

(This session is mostly recommended for those who have had a previous couple session with two therapists or massage sessions individually.)

Alternative Sessions for Couples:

For those couples who have already had a couple session with us or individual tantric massages, there is an opportunity to make a step forward. The session can take place in a tutorial format, when you can learn about yourself and about each other.

Intense Breathing Exercises, Tantric Rituals are practiced. You can experience Rituals with your partner, like a deep Tantric Bonding, Worshiping, Yoni/Lingam Gazing, Tantric Sit.

We also take time to demonstrate and practice Tantric Massage strokes, sensual, conscious touch.

You can learn how to give your partner a beautiful yoni or lingam massage.

The session can take either 1.5 or 3 hours, with one or two therapists, depending on your needs.

Sessions listed above take place as described, but always inspired by your personal needs.

Apart from being a professional service, it is also a highly intuitive work, which requires verbal communication between client and therapist.

How you live can improve after the experience of Tantric massage treatments

How Can You Improve Your Sex Life?
Learn to Become a Great Lover Now:

You will be learning to be aware of your breathing. You will:

be Learning you are the source of your own pleasure and honoring yourself.

be identifying as Peace -Beauty- Love. Bliss is Eternal, even though it appears to arise when the mind quiet.bliss is not an experience, it is your nature.

learn SENSUAL skills as they apply to sexuality and the spiritual experience

learn how to get connected with your bodily experiences again and make them new

get in shape so you can be comfortable with yourself and your partner

learning about your Chakras (“energy organs”) and become aware of Prana (“universal life force”)

be getting comfortable with LINGAM MASSAGE

feel amazing powerful channelling energy up the “Inner flute” or Chakra path to achieve ecstasy

take the time to know about your body and sexual sensations

· Better Stamina and Ejaculation Control

· More Powerful Orgasms

• Learn the secret of G-spot orgasms & multiple orgasms
• Master ejaculation control & last longer
• Create a heart-centered, conscious relationship
• Learn erotic massage & the art of sensual touch
• Experience raised consciousness through yoga & meditation
• Realize transformation and personal growth
• Discover how to drive her wild
• Master the art of multiple orgasms
• Stop premature ejaculation
• Enjoy natural, more powerful erections
• Discover playful couples’ sexy secrets

You may already have a reasonably satisfying sex life. Most men describe theirs as adequate. However, many men also feel something is missing.

There are two main reasons why men are interested in having a better sex life:

1. Your Own Pleasure.

What if you could increase your pleasure to levels you never thought possible? What if you could last longer, feel it more deeply and enjoy it more than once in the same session?

2. Driving Your Lover Wild.

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as watching the face of a woman racked by pleasure you’ve given her. Whether you’re in it just to please her or you want to make sure she eagerly enters the bedroom with you next time, it comes down to making sure she’s well pleased with your performance.

Master even a few of the techniques available exclusively with a Premium Membership, and you’ll find the bedroom invitations increasing. Learn and practice more of them and your sexual worries could be a thing of the past!
Here’s a Sample of the Secrets You’ll Learn with a Premium Membership:

· Mastering ejaculation: how to control it and channel your sexual energy
· Achieving longer-lasting orgasms
· Increasing sexual stamina so you can last – and enjoy it – for hours
· Becoming multi-orgasmic without losing your ablility to perform
· Experiencing full-body orgasms (like the kind women have!)
· Mastering Tantric and Kama Sutra sex positions
· Guiding your partner to achieve multiple orgasms
· Discovering new ways of understanding and pleasuring her body
· Driving any woman wild with a variety of sex acts she’ll love
· Learning how to locate and massage her G-spot so she’ll cry with joy
· Reclaiming lost passion, energy and sex drive – even past age 60
· Discovering the next level of sexual mastery: experiencing spiritual fulfillment

WOMEN: Take Charge and Get What You Really Want.

· Knowing what Women Really Wan

• Experience multiple G-spot orgasms – more easily
• Guide your lover to pleasure you to heights of ecstasy
• Enjoy deeper intimate sexual connections

1. Stop Waiting for Him to Change.

Many women complain about their partner if sex isn’t satisfying. The problem with just complaining is that you can wait forever for your lover to change. Meanwhile, you end up with the same old boring sex life. Tantra.com Premium shows ways to have a much more satisfying sexual relationship.

2. Claim your Sexual Power.

When you’re clear about your desires and know exactly what you’re doing, you can take control of your sexuality like never before. Armed with the right knowledge, you’ll be a far better and more satisfied lover. More importantly, you’ll be able to guide your lover to pleasure you.

Examples of What You’ll Learn as a Premium Member:

· How self-pleasuring is vital to your sexual response
· Why multiple orgasms really are possible and how you can achieve them each time you make love
· How orgasmic pleasure can take you to new heights of ecstasy
· How to guarantee a long, slow sensual build toward sex that ensures orgasmic states of bliss
· The specific sounds that enhance orgasmic potential
· How to female ejaculate (yes, women can and do ejaculate!)
· What G-spot orgasms are and how to use them
· The art of Pompoir, using vaginal muscles to stimulate a man inside you
· The role of aphrodisiacs in loving
· The easy breath exercises to expand your orgasmic response
· The incredible “sexercises” you can do almost anytime, anywhere to vastly improve your libido and sexual response
· How to be an empowered sex goddess
· How to relax fully in high state of arousal and maximize the orgasmic waves of pleasure
· The shear JOY of playful, heart rendering sex