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You body will be tinkling and feel with intensive kundalini (TANTRA) energy which you have not yet experienced before, our confidence came after working long time with the best spiritual teachers and healers worldwide.
We are very attractive , sophisticated   and best experienced  massage therapist, and

we has working in health , and beauty industry and give massage over 10 years  world wide, Russia, Netherlands, England , USA, Spain and we was worked and gain amazing experience at Cruise ship and best Spa .

We like with confident admit we are  best and provide  amazing massage services in London and world wide as we  traveling about world and still collecting new experience and techniques for healing art of tough , as  all people with whom we come in contact say about our services  that we have wonderful personality , amazing charisma and  attractive and charming young attitude,  brightness and charisma .

We do feel compassion and sympathy for all people and is my great pleasure to share and give all our knowledge and experience as for our student and for our clients, as after long working as beauty , massage and healing industry  we  have developed great ability to make you feel happy and relax beautiful as you are.

We are with gift of nurtured healing energy and we  work on your deeper energy with sensual erotica sensations of your body through balance and open to receive the healing energy your Shakra’s (energy centres) and clean you meridians and stimulate 300 pressure points and massage and rub all muscular tissue and is involve a lot breathing exercise to arise the Kundalini Energy, and with this unspeakable , beyond words explanation of this healing experience we will transform your staid of mind to bliss, ecstasy and happiness contend way of live, the spiritual experience will take place.

As we has  growing up in Kamchatka   – these breathtaking natural surroundings we have been extremely aware of the energetic effects of our environment and its purity which is also home to an abundance of wildlife and health-giving herbs and plants.

With our home so close to forestry and our family interested in herbal remedies and natural healing, this was a massive influence on our alternative lifestyle and promoted our interests in eastern healing and massage.

We simply used our natural abilities to connect to nature and harness the pure energies of the universe to develop our own special technique of healing massage therapy which we combined with the ancient tantric energy.

Our massage has had life-changing effects on many people who have learnt to give and receive tantric energy. They have both experienced the wonders of tantric through our massage skills and then shared their new knowledge with their lovers, enhancing their love making skills to unbelievable levels of consciousness.

It is a massage therapy that is adapted to individual needs. It is ideal for anyone who is seeking balance, bliss and relaxation. For those looking for a more grounded but spiritually uplifting relaxation, we give tantric energy – it is a massage that produces prolonged pulses throughout the body and causes the most sensual, erotic and ecstatic sensations.

Both forms of massage revitalizes waning energy caused either by discomfort in the bodies or emotional and mental issues. We highly recommend a prescription body massage treatment tailored to all your needs.

We have improved our techniques over the course of 10 years by working in the beauty and spa industry world wide and have trained in numerous massage therapies as well as learning to become beauticians and mind and body life coaches.

We have had the rare privilege to study several different school of tantra under the auspicious training of acclaimed tantric masters of modern times. These include Margo Anand who taught us ‘Love and Ecstasy training, sky dancing tantra and Dawn Cartwright, Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita, Swami Anand Geho.

Our training includes: Prasave tantra, Kashimiran tantrism, sky dancing, tantra and the Vegyan Bhairav Tantra

At London Sensual Massage, we specialize in massages capable of evoking the most sensual stimulation. We offer a Swedish massage, lymphatic , four hands massage or oriental massage.We have extensive experience in the Hawaiian lomi-lomi or sensual kundalini massages. Ideally, to get the most from the stimulating experience at Sensual massage in London we think that masseuses should possess a giving attitude and have an earnest desire to make you happy.

We also believe that our masseuses should care deeply for themselves.

From a very early age when we learn to become at one with nature in our home country, Kamchatka, we have respected and cared for nature. We respect and care also for our own body which we hone to perfection. Our physical fitness, combined with an inner beauty reflects these efforts and shines through our natural fine looks.

We unite our physical with our spiritual by regular meditation which helps us to center our feelings, creating a calm and understanding attitude, and develops our sensuality which serves to heighten your pleasure.

Let us help you find peace and discover balance to regenerate your own energy so you too can find a source of great power for your personal use and create your own heightened sexuality.

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