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Where trained masseuses touch you at your deepest level, aligning your spirituality with your physical and creating the ultimate intimate euphoric experience.

Sensual massage london is both beautiful and therapeutic. It has been used for many centuries as a way of relieving stress and fatigue and can help with health issues and emotional problems by using the body’s energy to help heal itself.

At the same time a sensual massage awakens every sense, reaching to the core of the body and radiating out towards the skin surface allowing the receiver to enjoy their own very personal explosion of sexual consciousness that cannot be experienced by the mere physical act of sex.

Our fully trained masseuses specialise in kundalini energy, using the ancient chakra system and prana (body energy) to fulfil pleasures and healing of mind body and senses.

The body has seven energy centres and our masseuse’s stroke and awaken the Kundalini energy which comes from the lower sexual base charka. The pressure of the massage touch helps stir the powerful earthy energy and pushes it up through the body.
As the energy enters each energy centres, strong positive vibrations radiate and strengthen each centre in turn while setting the body afire with flames passion rising up until it climaxes at the top chakra achieving a spiritually and physically union of bliss.

Your experience will be unique. It offers a profound initiation into a practice that will enhance and change your life forever. Our sensual massage, based on the purity of kundalini energy can be enjoyed through massage or adapted and used within a sexual relationship.