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Do I need to bring anything with me?

No. Just a body yearning to be massaged and a warm and open heart to receive the massage.

How does a man learn to last longer sexually?

Through Tantra, a man can learn to develop his internal awareness so that he maintains a constant level of arousal and presence, allowing him to stay in the sex without ejaculating. The techniques I use are less about control and forcing the situation and more about inner awareness.

Can I / Will I ejaculate in the massage?

Each tantric massage I is different. Let your body respond however it responds. If you have an erection in your massage, great, if you dont have an erection in your massage, great. Everything is ok and you are accepted just as you are.

Do you only accept cash?

yes, cash only.

How do I prepare for a session?

Eat a light meal beforehand. A heavy meal in your belly will detract from fully enjoying the session, as will being very hungry. Be sure to drink water before and after to keep you hydrated. Refrain from stimulants such as caffeine and refined sugar for at least 1 hour before your session. Good personal grooming required. A shower is provided if needed. Arrive promptly, but not early. If you think you may want to extend your session, please have your donation amount with you for the extended time.

Any more Questions?

Please e-mail me any additional questions you might have and I will respond promptly.

A great beginners overview to the subject of Tantra is found at This site has a good collection of articles and book excerpts on the subject of Tantra both for the newcomer and the more experienced practitioner.

Do you offer prostate Massage?

Yes we do offer what is commonly referred to as ” prostate massage ” as part of our root chakra healing work.

Can Tantra help me post-prostate surgery?

Yes, we can definitely help with this, and/but there is not any way for us to say in advance if you will be able to ejaculate again. I have had the honor of helping many men post-surgery, and have seen very happy results from approaching this from an energy perspective (as an orgasm is an energy event, you can’t go wrong studying energy).

The temple would be able to help you with sensing all of your energy channels “chakras”, learning to focus and direct energy (including but not limited to the male wand), and experience becoming a multi-orgasmic male. The heart and the arms/hands are in one energy field, and g-older lovers of both sexes can feel the love in the hands and enjoy really knowing how to love this way. We also teach using breath and sound to activate and move energy, so as you can see, there is much more to learn about being a great lover. There is also a spiritual re-frame for what is happening to your body. Since you are 62 and not as likely to be making babies (?) the ejaculate is not critical to your pleasure-life as it once was when you were in the time zone for making babies.

I have had hundreds of seekers who were in various stages of prostate distress (diagnosis, pre and post surgery) and the all have been able to reclaim or discover new aspects of their sex energy through tantra practice.

The women here who could help would be Magdalena, Devi Ma, and myself, Tracy. We also host amazing teachers and practitioners from other parts of the countr so expert help is always here.

The basic premise of the word Tantra is that life is like a tapestry of thousands of individual, colourful threads. Both partners are naked during the massage. Some Rituals are performed in sarong. There are several Tantric Exercises that help you control premature ejaculation as well as teaching you to have longer full body orgasms.

What is Tantra?

Tantra and Tantric practices originate from India and are thousands of years old. Tantra in Sanskrit means to weave. The basic premise of the word Tantra is that life is like a tapestry of thousands of individual, colorful threads. The universe is described as the divine play of Shakti and Shiva, female and male poles. Tantra gives us wonderful tools to make our life happier, more colorful and fulfilled. With such tools and techniques like touch, massage, breath and energy flow, we are given the opportunity to use our full potential, to use our life force for what it was intended – that is for creation.

What does a tantric massage consist of?

In Tantra the body is seen as a whole. The Tantric massage does not focus particularly on any body parts, it includes the entire body. First you receive a massage laying on your front and after that laying on your back. The Tantric Massage is closed with the genital massage, honouring the lingam/yoni.

Is the therapist naked during the massage?

Yes if you choice Nude Tantric Body to Body Massage.

Yes. During the massage both partners are naked. Breathing exercises and some of the Rituals are performed in sarong.

Can I touch the therapist during the massage?

No. To touch your therapist in any inappropriate way is not allowed. You are here to receive.

Does the massage take place on massage table or on a futon mat?

Both, on the massage table and on the floor as well. Most of the session takes place on the futon mat.

Does the male genital (Lingam) massage end with ejaculation?

No. The goal in Tantra is not to reach ejaculation. But to become familiar with other existing paths of joy and pleasure. The practice of specific breathing techniques and tantric exercises can allow you to have full body orgasms and multiple orgasms without having to ejaculate.

The process of ejaculation generates a lot of sexual energy. Instead of losing and wasting this powerful source, in Tantra we use it and circulate throughout the entire body.

Can I choose to have a male or/and female therapist working with me?

Yes, you can. Please let us know your preference when you book your session.

Is sex or sexual intercourse included?

No, the massage sessions does not involve sexual intercourse. We are working with sexual energy, intimacy and openness. Please note, we do not offer any sexual services.

I would like to learn how to give Tantric massage to my partner? Is there any possibility to do that?

Yes, for those who have had previous Tantric experience, either an individual or couple session we offer the opportunity to progress and take the knowledge to higher levels. Previous consultation necessary.

I suffer from premature ejaculation? Can Tantra help me?

Yes. There are several Tantric Exercises with therapeutic and healing purposes. You can learn ejaculation control, you can learn how to prolong erection and become aware of your sexuality.

I am not able to reach orgasm, can Tantra help?

Yes, for both, women and men. Tantra can teach you how to have extended, longer full body orgasms.

How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment call to 075-9002-9003 and we make reservation time and explain and texting for you address please call with knowing (showing number)

What are your working hours?

Primarily between 11am- 2 am h. Only by appointment.


Eye gazing, making a third eye connection, welcoming Shiva and Shakti in you and in your partner.


A deep connection in a laid down position, when you can disappear into oneness. Powerful technique also to release repressed emotions. Combined with intense Tantric Breathing.

Tantric Hug:

An intimate, soft hug, combined with Tantric Breathing. Simultaneous and alternating breathing.

Tantric Play:

It is fun; it is about experiencing stages of becoming aggressive, sensual, and erotic.


A beautiful ritual, honoring the divine in you and in your partner. You can express love, intimacy, sensuality with the warmth of your hand, without having to touch the other one.

Self Love Ritual:

Self pleasuring, discovering your beautiful body. A big stepping-stone towards a healthy self-esteem and learn to truly love yourself while sharing the experience. Combined with specific Breathing Techniques and Affirmations.

Tantric Sit:

After having reached a state of higher energy level, the female (Shakti) sits on her male partner’s (Shiva) lap. They breathe and vibrate together in this ecstatic flow.

Yoni/Lingam gazing:

A Tantric Meditation with Breathing Techniques. You can get lost and experience endless peace while gazing at the genital area of your partner.

Tantric Rituals

Become a Tantric Artist

Whether you are interested in learning tantric skills as an individual or professional, it is the moment to take a step forward.

WE OFFER NEW training programs for those who are genuinely keen on applying tantra and conscious tantric touch in their everyday life.

One-to-one classes for individuals, tantric tuition for couples, intensive Tantra massage tuition are available.

You can learn tantric massage strokes, loving touch, meditation, relaxation and breathing techniques, yoni and lingam massage.

The training programs take place in our temple or in comfort of your home . It is the perfect place to submerge in the sacred and sensual world of Tantric massage and let your spirit evolve.